Tuesday, September 1, 2009

You All Think I'm Smart...You Should Meet My Dog!

I'm certain that members of my family would think a more fitting title to this post would be "You All Think I'm Odd...You Should Meet My Dog!" But as I think I have proven here in the past, I'm not sure my family can be trusted with the determination of what is odd or not odd. You should meet these people!

I just have to tell you that our new puppy is about the smartest dog that will ever be born. Here are some thinks that certify her as an actual genius:

She can fetch already. Although we are still working on letting go of the ball once she brings it back.

She can find home. We take her on walks around the neighborhood and when we get back by home she knows exactly where to go.

She can make her toys squeak. This one was exciting at first when she figured out where to bite to make the noise, however, the more she figures it out it gets a bit annoying.

She kinda gets the potty training. Despite a few accidents occasionally, she is really figuring out the potty training thing. She has a 95% accuracy rating.

She watches TV. At the risk of straining her neck, she will sit on the floor and crane her head around to see the TV hanging above the fireplace in the family room.

She likes music. Everybody knows that babies that listen to music end up smarter, right? I think I heard something about that somewhere. Last night she intently watched Boy Child play his acoustic guitar until it finally lulled her to sleep.

She can drive a car. OK, I made that one up, but we have a competition going between us and our in-laws (who have our puppy's sister) about who has the better and smart dog. So we exaggerate a little bit.
OK. That's about all that I've got. Sure, you're saying all puppies can do that stuff, but what you don't understand is how awesome she is at it. I see great potential. We could realistically be looking at the next Lassie here.

If any of my readers happen to fall down a well, rest assured that Presley will let me know right away, and someone will be coming to your rescue. Also, if you go blind or have your uterus taken out, she will be there to assist you across the street.

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  1. I'm already blind but I have no uterus...what to do?

  2. I was thinking about getting my uterus taken out but was worried about being able to cross the street, so this will be a win/win for me.