Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Poem For National Poetry Day

In honor of National Poetry Day, I have composed the following poem:

Oh, National Poetry Day
You are such a good time
You are the best day of the year
To only speak in rhyme

Some may think that poems are gay
But others like them fine
Many are so elegantly written
None of those are mine

There are many rhymes I like to say
Like nana nana boo boo
Or liar liar pants on fire
Really any childish taunt will do

National Poetry Day rocks
Only one thing is not quite right
I find it to be a shame indeed
That you share the day with World Sight

Poetry is a delicious fruit
Like a round, juicy orange
So I celebrate you with great joy
And nothing rhymes with orange

Everyone have a great National Poetry Day! Is there a Hallmark card for that? Hmmmm.

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