Thursday, July 23, 2009

Governator Cuts Budget With GIANT Knife!

Has anyone seen this Twitter video that Governor Arnold "It's Not A Tumor" Schwarzenegger posted, in which he talks about his budget cuts while yielding a giant knife?  If not you can watch Arnold wave the knife in true Conan the Barbarian fashion.

I wonder where you get a buck knife that big?  Is that technically still considered a pocket knife?  I wonder if they would get through airport security?  It looks like a Photoshop gag. 

Apparently this article is raising quite a debate of politicians using Twitter.  Once they put something out there on Twitter, they can't take it back.  And what politician can explain themselves in 140 characters?  Certainly not Sarah Palen, although apparently she is trying - to the enjoyment of her detractors.

What would have been great is George W. Bush using Twitter.  It would have been so cool to see how he spelled all those words that he liked to make up.  Would like to see some back and forth tweets between he and Cheney, too.  Great entertainment.

If you are into Twitter, be sure to follow me over there.  User name is StickmanMusings.  I promise I'm funnier over there than I am here.  Well, not really, but at least my boring is not so drawn out.

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