Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How Can One Little Puppy Exhaust Me So Much?

As I set here and type this blog, I can barely keep my eyes open. Our little puppy is just wearing me out. It is constant work to have a puppy in your house. I hear the word "NO!" in my sleep. I find myself daydreaming about going outside to go potty. How much more of this can a human being take?!?

For something that was to be the complete responsibility of the children, I sure am doing a lot of work. Getting up at 5am to take the dog outside to do her business isn't exactly what I signed up for. And yet, I find myself loving that dog so much already that I can't just let her be miserable. Also, I am so anal retentive that I can't stand the thought of a mess in her crate - or my house!

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See? I am so tired that I just typed an entire sentence with my fingers in the wrong spot on the keyboard. That's pretty bad! Not only am I getting up early to take the dog out, be we are staying up on average about an hour later than we normally do so that we can get one final potty in for her before we go to bed.

Our puppy's sister - that Mrs. Stickman's sister's family got - is the calmest puppy ever. It sleeps and cuddles and sleeps. Our puppy plays and bites and plays. We had to get the hyper one. Sure when she is older that may make her much more fun, but right now it is exhausting.

I am going to turn this blog into my puppy venting outlet if I'm not careful. I promise more funny once I can get some sleep.

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  1. Training a new puppy is one of the toughest jobs there is, but the snuggles and the puppy kisses are worth every minute of it. Good luck. :) Can't wait to see a photo of her.

  2. >>>I find myself daydreaming about going outside to go potty.

    That would set a postive example for the little critter.

  3. its worse than the having a baby becuase my wife made me promise if i got a puppy i would have to do all the work. Im up at 5am too! checking the create and letting him out. Ive never drank so much coffee and live in fear of him messing up at any point cos my wife goes nuts- shes has OCD! i really thought it was easier than this.. but im going to soldier thro- hes worth it!

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