Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is It Weird To Love A Pair Of Socks?

When we were on our recent excursion to the East Coast, I did as any self-respecting man does on vacation and shopped for shoes. What can I say, I am a man that loves shoe shopping. Is that so wrong?

In Philly, I hit the Puma store (one of my favorite shoe brands) and found a cool new pair of shoes. I also picked a couple pairs of athletic type ankle socks in the store. They were white with giant pumas on the bottom of the feet area.

I wore these new socks the next day as we were wandering around downtown Philly. They were very comfortable, they wicked moisture well, and I was very pleased with their performance.

So that night, back at the hotel, I removed my shoes and laid down on the bed. I begin to check out my new socks and admire the pumas on the bottom of each foot. As I checked them out, I began to ask them if they enjoyed their day walking around. And then I began to sing to them about how great of socks they were, and how much I loved them.

As I did this, Mrs. Stickman and Girl Child had stopped whatever it is annoying females do after returning to the hotel after walking around the city on vacation they were doing, and began to mock me for enjoying the company of my socks. What is that? I performed no mockable act.

And, therefore, I ask the question - Is it weird to love a pair of socks? To talk to them about your day? To name them Puma 1 and Puma 2? To sing a little song of love and appreciation to them for bringing you through the day blister free, or for wicking your foot sweat away, or for keeping your feet from stinking?

I dare say that NO, it is not weird. It is awesome! It is cool! And it is most definitely absolutely normal!!

So eat it Mrs. Stickman and Girl Child! Stickman out!

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  1. Why don't you include the songs you were singing to your socks as you lovingly caressed them?

    Mrs. Stickman

  2. That is the most bizarre thing I have ever heard. Singing to socks, and naming them. I thought I was a bit off, but you my friend are an odd bird. Seeing I don't know you I am saying all this in a lovable laughing kind of way. Do you name your shoes ?