Friday, June 12, 2009

My TV Don't Work - Why Didn't Someone Tell Me There Was A Change Coming!

According to surveys, there are over 2 million people that are not ready for the switch to digital television today.  Since these people have a TV, and obviously a telephone to answer a survey call, I am guessing they do not live in a cave, or in the deep woods, or in some other sort of a social bubble. 

If this is the case, then they must have heard about this switch, right?  They had to have seen one of the millions of commercials that have been airing for the past year.  They must have at some point been annoyed by the crawls and messages taking up the lower third of their screen as they watched TV in the past 6 months.

In February - when the switch was originally supposed to happen - there were about 4 million morons that hadn't figured it out yet.  So the brilliant government says, "let's push it back 4 months and give everyone more time since we only announced this 10 years ago - it was a bit of short notice."  And there wasn't a sane person in the country that didn't know we would get to this day and still have millions not ready.

This evening, in trailer parks and retirement communities all around the country, people will be adding rolls and rolls of aluminum foil to their rabbit ears, unable to figure out why all they are able to watch is static.  Men will kick the TV, throw the remote, and cry out to God, "why has thou forsaken me!"

With over 2 million less people watching TV, and thus not seeing commercials, and immediately going out to buy the products advertised, the economy is going to crash.  I know, you're thinking that people just fast forward through commercials now anyway, right?  But think about it - these people can't even get a digital converter box after all this time, you really think they are tech savvy enough for Tivo?  On the other hand, they obviously didn't see all the commercials about the digital switch, so they probably aren't really paying attention to the other commercials either.

We live in a world of morons!  Stickman out!

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  1. Ah ratz ... I posted about the same thing!

  2. First it was the LCD and the plasma, then it was the high definition or no definition, now analog and digital.

    TV is just getting too damn complicated. I'm going back to radio.

  3. Hey Stickman, it's Terrific T-shirt Tuesday! And I left something for you on my blog.

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