Thursday, June 4, 2009

Damn Kids Grow Up So Fast

So here it is the last day of school.  Two hours from now, we will officially have two high schoolers in our household.  I can't even believe that crap!  Kinda makes a guy feel old - even though I am definitely NOT!

Last night was the big 8th Grade Recognition (NOT graduation, as I kept being reminded over and over again).  It was quite the shindig.  All the girls get all gussied up.  And they borrow their mom's high heels, giving Mrs. Stickman and I a great chance to mock them all as they try to walk across the gym in them.  Needless to say, this convinced girl child to wear a nice pair of sensible flat sandals.

While the girls were  all dressed up (I think a few of them shopped at the local stripper store), the boys were a different story.  A few had on suits, most had on shorts and polo shirts, and one brave (or poor) soul had on a pair of basketball shorts and a tshirt.  And while we did mock him, we felt a little bad about it - just a little though.

After a nice little award ceremony, and the world's longest "memory" video (I swear we watched their whole middle school careers back in real time), everyone gathered in the cafeteria for refreshments and one million photo opportunities.  Girl child said she did not want me to take the pictures because I "always make her look stupid in pictures."  To which I replied, "It's not my fault you always look stupid."

School is out at noon today, and at approximately 1pm our house will be bombarded by gaggles of kids.  Boy child and girl child are both having end of the year pool parties.  At the same time!  So while it is nice that I will leave work early to go home to help chaperone, it will be quite chaotic.  And chaperone's are necessary since one adult will have to be out by the pool, and the other one will have to roam the house doing random "hand checks" to make sure all hands are kept to home.  These are all high schoolers after all!

This will, however, give me a perfect chance to practice some of my new ways to embarrass the kids.  And I will probably be able to pull out some of the original ways to embarrass the kids too!

I'm just glad it's summer.  Life is always easier in the summer.  No school.  No homework to help with.  Much more laid back time.   And I like laid back.

Stickman out! 

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