Thursday, June 18, 2009

Aren't Video Games Were For Lazy People?

Remember the good old days when they blamed video games for being the reason kids were lazy and fat?  Kids weren't getting exercise because they spent all day in the house playing these video games.  They did have some killer thumb muscles though!

I'm here to tell you that the lazy video games era is over.  Every since we got the Wii, playing video games has become a tiring ordeal.  I did manage to figure out how to play most of the games sitting down.  The only one I really had to get up for was Smack Down, which I described in my Smack Down the Kids post. 

Of course the laziest of Wii games that we have is Tetris.  Mrs. Stickman and I can sit our lazy butts on the couch and play this game for hours.  By which I mean, if she is winning we can play for hours.  If I am winning, she usually gets angry at me and quits after about a half hour.  Learn more about that at my Tetris! Tetris! Tetris! post!

Now the whole point of this post (only 4 paragraphs in - not bad!) is that Mrs Stickman went out and bought this new Wii game called Wii Active.  This game is basically like a personal trainer.  It comes with resistance bands and things you hook up to your legs so it can tell how fast you are running, etc.  All kinds of things that involve lots of physical activity.  

Basically if you take one of those stress test that doctors make you do if they think you might have a heart attack or something, where they hook up a bunch of cords to you and make you run on a treadmill for 5 days straight, and then you turn that into a video game - that's Wii Active.  I can hardly wait.  Right?

The first thing I asked Mrs. Stickman was if I could go online and download a Wii Active cheat code that I could enter into the Wii system that would make me instantly be in shape.  She said that kind of defeated the purpose.  I disagree.

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  1. Nintendo Wii has so much to offer. There are Wii Sports and Wii Fit. Some research has proven that it helps our health in a way by making us active and through the game, we were able to somewhat like exercise while playing. That itself is a very good news. In addition to my Download Games, I hope to get Wii pretty soon.

  2. Haha this the most ironic and funniest post about Video Games that I've ever read..

  3. Too many controversies are coming out if Games are truly helping us with our health. If so, then it is better, well I haven't tried playing Wii sports yet, so I couldn't say if these are true or not.

  4. Well, Addicting Games were made for players to come back and play over and over.... It's not the kids fault.