Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Terrible Tuesdays

Here are some things that I think are terrible today:
Fan Vandalism.  I will never understand why when some city's team wins a championship, the people of that city celebrate by destroying said city.  WTF?  If you are so proud of your city and it's team, why would you destroy it?  Shouldn't it be the losing team's city that gets destroyed.  Get with the program Los Angeles rioters!

Michelle Obama Worship.  She's the first lady, and that's a big deal.  I give you that.  She's very smart, and she performs her duties wonderfully.  But why is the media trying so hard to turn her into the next Jackie O.  Is Michelle Obama's fashion really that spectacular?  I don't see it.  She's kinda oversized in an Amazon sort of way.  And shut up about the arms already, OK people?

Sensitive Public Figures.  Someone please explain to me why David Letterman had to apologize to Sarah Palin.  I mean - really?!?  The guy is a late night comedian.  He tells jokes.  And damn funny jokes if you ask me.  The bit about A-Rod and Palin's daughter was hilarious.  And everyone knows he didn't mean the 14 year old one, but the one that goes around getting knocked up.  If he has to apologize to Palin, shouldn't he also have to apologize to A-Rod.  I mean he's the one that committed rape in the joke.  He's the one that should be mad.  And yet, apparently he has a sense of humor - or at least better things to do with his life that make a spectacle of his anger.  Get over yourself already, Sarah.  We have.

Loss of Anonymity.  I enjoy my anonymity here on Stickman Musings.  Yet, it appears that if challenged in a court of law my blogger anonymity would be lost.  That's not cool.  I'm going to have to take back all the mean things I say about people.  I don't want to get sued for libel.  Or plagiarism.  Or lack of funny.  I'm outraged!
The day isn't completely terrible though.  Part of it is terrific!  I have been awarded this Tuesday's Terrific T-shirt by Mom over at Life...Exagerated.  Each week she finds a blog headline that would make a great T-shirt.  My post with the headline of P.S. I Love You, Jackass was awarded this week's shirt.  Thanks, Mom!

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1 comment:

  1. Hey, no problem! Thanks for the funny!

    Sorry about all the terrible on Tuesday tho. :-/