Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tetris Tetris Tetris!

Kids can be such plan ruiners. They are so horrible at making plans that everything ends up being convoluted and last minute. So with two teenagers - that can't yet drive - we spend a lot of time running kids here and there, and often having to change our own plans to accommodate their ever changing plans. That's what parents are for, right?

Well, last night we actually were to have both kids out of the house on the same night. So we planned a special date night. And, for once, both kids plans actually held up and they were both gone! Date night was on.

So we decided to start the night off with dinner. We have had a gift card that someone gave us to the Olive Garden for a few months, so we decided to use that. Now, we know that OG isn't the place for a nice, quiet and romantic dinner, but we didn't expect to be eating in the middle of a day care for unruly children.

We sat next to a table with a large group of WT (white trash) people. They had about a baker's dozen of kids with them. Obviously, before they left the house they reminded the kids to each grab a toy to keep them entertained, and the only rule was that it had to be the loudest toy that they owned.

So, as the rest of us patrons are trying to eat our meals in peace, these "children" are pushing on the buttons on their loud electronic toys. However, a few of the kids didn't think everyone was quite hearing it clear enough. So, they decide to be so kind and actually walk around the restaurant, pausing at each table to push all the buttons to make sure that we all got the full experience.

And not once did a single adult at the table even NOTICE that the kids were using this public restaurant as their own personal playground. People are asswipes. And they should be shot.

Once we finished dinner at the Rompus Room Olive Garden, we stopped at the pub for a couple drinks, and then we headed home for the good part of the evening. The part of the date that every guy dreams of, and the only reason we can make it through all the other parts. You know what I'm talking about. The Tetris tournament!

Mrs. Stickman is obsessed with Tetris. We have owned it for every gaming system we have ever had in our house. She becomes so addicted to it, that I will typically have to hide the disc to control her use. Unfortunately, this latest version is a Wii download, so there's no disc to hide! I try to limit her to 30 minutes of Tetris-ing a day, but it doesn't work.

So, besides a little break to hang out in the hot tub for a little bit, I think we played about 4 hours of Tetris last night. Thankfully, I did not have my typical post Tetris nightmares last night where I can't sleep because my mind is trying to put odd shaped blocks in order. Those suck!

Mrs. Stickman's love for Tetris is pretty out of this world though. It's one of those things that drives me to say stuff like, "I wish you loved me as much as you love Tetris." Or, "I wish I was that game controller and you wanted to hold me for that long."

She is so cute when she plays, though. And she takes it all so seriously. You just got to love her. I could play that game with her for hours. Wait, I DO play that game with her for hours. And it's worth every second!
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  1. I once told my sister that I would pay extra to go to places that didn’t allow people under the age of 25. Because I’m a jerk like that.
    She got all huffy and told me that she, as a mother, would protest and blah blah blah but the fact of the matter is, if the parents controlled their children, I wouldn’t care that little Sue was standing on the booth behind mine and looking at me. It’s when she gets her food in my hair that I tell the mom she better watch her child before I flushed her down the toilet. No. I really wouldn’t do that. She wouldn’t fit anyway.

    The hubs and I can’t play video games together because I always win by accident and he’s a sore loser.