Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Does Keifer Sutherland Think He Really Is Jack Bauer?

I think the fine line between fiction and reality is starting to have an effect on Keifer Sutherland.  It appears that he may actually be starting to believe that he really is Jack Bauer.  Which, in reality, means that he is starting to believe that he is really ME, since Jack Bauer is based on me.

It appears from this article that Keifer/Jack was at the afterparty of some other party, and went all Bauer on some guy that interrupted him when he was talking to Brook Shields.  Now, I understand that it is rude to interrupt someone, but is a head-butt really necessary?  Really?!? By the way, does anyone else think the word head-butt is as funny as I do?

I told you to NEVER interrupt me when I'm hobnobbing.

Apparently when the guy interrupted his conversation, Keifer/Jack performed some kind of "high school wrestling move" - which he probably learned on the set of 24 - and then followed that with the head-butt.  This sounds really tough and badass, right?  

Not after you find out that the guy he did it to is a fashion designer.  Anyone could have done this to a fashion designer.  Those guys are all so gay!  Trust me... I watch Project Runway with Mrs. Stickman, and I have never seen a straight guy on there.

I'm thinking that maybe this has something to do with Jack's exposure to the biological weapon on this seasons of 24.  It might be messing with his brain or something.  Amping up his aggression.  Or maybe he is just retarded.

All I know is that I am not very happy that the guy they have playing me on TV is out there doing stuff like this.  It might reflect badly on me!

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