Friday, May 15, 2009

Fantasy Friday - Where Dreams Come True!

As I sit here eating some peanut M&M's that a coworker so graciously shared with the office, I am reminded that little Tattoo from the old TV show Fantasy Island was not a fan of this particular type of candy coated chocolate candies.  Oh, no!  Everyone knows that he liked "Da plain, da plain!"

I remember back in the day, everyone wanted to go to Fantasy Island.  All kinds of cool stuff would happen to people while on that island with that midget little person and Khan from the old Star Trek movie, dressed to the nines in their pimping white suits.  I always wanted my dreams to come true.  

It turns out that today is the anniversary of the day that my dreams did come true.  It was on this day in history that I met Mrs. Stickman.  Oh, what a day!  When I met her, her legs were tired because she had been running through my mind all day.  And she was a little disheveled, haven just fallen from heaven and all.  And I'm pretty sure she had a mirror in her pocket for some reason, cause I could sure see myself in her pants - where "in her pants" doesn't mean wearing them so much as it means other less gay/drag queen and more heterosexual things.

Mrs. Stickman thinks it odd that I make such a big deal out of this anniversary.  She accused me this morning of making a bigger deal out of this day than our wedding anniversary.  I tried to explain that if we hadn't met, then we wouldn't have wed.  Most likely.  Cause it would have just been odd to marry someone I've never met.  Although, in this case, it would have worked out fine!

Sure, it's true Mrs. S doesn't always do what I want.  Like last night I was grilling and I wanted a damn beer.  So I say, "Woman, get me a damn beer."  Did she get it?  Nope.  She rambled on with something about asking nicely.  So I say, "Bitch, please."  Did she get it then?  Nope.  But, you see, it's OK, because I still love her and find her to be completely perfect.

Have a great Fantasy Friday everybody.  May all your dreams come true!  Unless you dream of killing me, or having me never speak again, or something dumb like that (that's for you Mrs. S).

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