Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Memories

I find it interesting how some people are so into making family memories that they force the family to do all of these things that no one really wants to do, and the only memory it creates is the memory of being bored or annoyed with the memory making process.

True family memories are ones that just happen.  Like one time we were in Arizona with the kids and my niece and nephew, and we were going to go see the Red Rocks at Sedona.  I kind of missed the turn, so I checked the map and saw another road that cut across to Sedona, so I took that exit and we we off.

A half mile on the road, the pavement ended and we were on a dirt road.  We continued on this road for a while.  It wound around and seemed to become more and more rough as we went.  The white minivan that we had rented was now a nice red color from the sand.

As we drove, the only other signs of humanity that we saw were groups of tourists that were out on the site-seeing tours that you could book with a guide driving a jeep or a hummer.  Oh my, the looks that we got from all of those people!!

We finally reached a spot where there was an amazing overlook of the red rocks.  It was a  phenomenal view up there.  We got out and took some pictures.  After our photo time, we looked at the road as it continued.  From that point on, it was a one lane road with a rock wall on one side, and a huge cliff drop off on the other.  Mrs. Stickman decided it would be best if we turned around at that point.

Everyone on that trip remembers that off-road experience, and talk about it more than the Grand Canyon, which we had just come from.  It was an accidental memory that is worth remembering far more that the forced memories that people attempt.

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