Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You're A Tool, But I Like You

I am the kind of guy with the mindset of "why do anything yourself when you could pay someone else to do it?"  I am not really a "handyman" type of guy.  Sure, I have hands, and yes I am a man, but my hands are more suited to work on keyboards and remote controls, not the rough and tumble work of the true "handyman."

Last night Mrs. Stickman made me I decided to do some yard work.   I was going to trim back some bushes, but was having a very hard time since our old hedge trimmers have never been sharpened, thereby making them quite dull.  I would have had a better chance of cutting these branches with a pair of kindergarten scissors.  It was awful!

After about 15 minutes of a pathetic attempt to cut the bushes by both Mrs. S and myself, our neighbor came walking over with some electric hedge trimmers.  I guess after 15 minutes of laughing at us through his front window, he decided he would help a brother out.  The electric hedge trimmers made the job of trimming the bushes quick, but it made the job of being a friendly neighbor take forever!

We had to sit out on the porch chatting it up all neighborly like for another hour after the work was done.  And we got eaten up by the damn mosquitos.  I got itchy bumps all over me.  So I don't know if it was worth it to use the convenient tool, even though it was a lot faster to trim the bush.

Have you been having a hard time not giggling every time I said "trim the bush?"  Mrs. Stickman and I may be the most immature people on the planet, but we always have to laugh when we hear something like that.  Whether it's "get it off" or "wood" or whatever, we can't help but laugh.  I love it!

Over the weekend we had some people over for swimming and we had a fire going in the firepit.  My brother-in-law and I made jokes about "wood" all night long.  It was phenomenal!

OK...I'm going to get off now.  See!  Hehe!

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1 comment:

  1. You and the misses sound about as mature as me and my husband. :)

    Oh, and I totally need to buy an electric thingy to trim my bush(es). Especially after watching my neighbor trim his in about 2.4 seconds. It's time to UPGRADE!