Thursday, May 7, 2009

Polar Plunging My Big Self Cannonball Style

The Stickman household pool is officially open for the season!  There is nothing better than removing the ugly winter cover from the pool and revealing the beautiful blue water underneath, and then covering the beautiful blue water with the blue solar cover that is still much more beautiful than the ugly green winter cover.  

It just feels much warmer, and much more like summer to look out the windows and see the pool.  I could just sit out on the deck and stare at it.  Which I know is slightly retarded, since it's not exactly the ocean or anything, but still, it just feels good, so leave me alone about it already.

So every year, once the pool is swimmable, I yell through the house, "last one in the pool is a rotten egg!!!!!"  This creates a mass hysteria as the kids and I scramble to our rooms for our bathing suits, quickly change, and rush outside to jump in the pool.

Now, let me tell you, the pool is usually somewhere around 55 degrees when this happens.  So it is pretty quick plunge.  Last year, I swear girl child was in and out of that pool so fast that she didn't even get wet.  I am also nearly positive that I saw boy child walk on water to avoid going under.  

The entire neighborhood is well aware of when we open our pool.  First, they hear me yell something like "kowabunga!!!!"  Then, they hear a huge splash from my perfectly executed cannonball.  Then, this is followed by the highest pitched, girliest scream that you could ever imagine echoing through the streets of our subdivision.

Of course we go straight from the arctic pool directly into the boiling hot tub, shocking our systems beyond relief.  But eventually we are able to breath again.  And then we wait about two more weeks for the pool water to heat up before we swim again.  It's quite a tradition.

Of course, Mrs. Stickman wants nothing to do with jumping into these cold waters.  What a spoiled sport, party pooper!  Or she is the only smart one in the house.  But it won't be long until she moves outside for the summer.  The only thing you can get her to go inside for is the bathroom.  And even that she usually does in the pool!  Just kidding!  She's going to kill me for that!!

Three cheers for warm weather!!  I love it.

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