Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Will Trade Computer For Stone Tablet And Chisel

I don't know what the H E double hockey sticks is going on with my computer today, but it is really, really pissing me off.  I hate computers.  They are stupid, stupid machines.  There is no way that they could ever be smart enough to go all Matrix on us.

It's pretty rare when I experience these problems - as I work on the trouble free Mac platform (Hi, I'm a Mac).  Maybe it's the instance of Windows that I run though a Citrix terminal services application.  Perhaps it is slowly taking over the Mac's brain - very much like the new Stephanie Meyers thriller, The Host.  As far as I'm concerned, PC stands for Piece of Crap.

It's amazing how we just become a more and more impatient society.  Computers just keep getting faster and faster, yet they still never seem fast enough.  Same with internet connections.  It's all so retarded.  And by retarded I mean that it is slow, not mentally disabled.  I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings here.  Except for my computer's.  I want to hurt it's everything.

In protest to my stupid computer and it's stupid slowness today, I am going to now have 10 lines of silence.

There....that will teach this stupid machine to mess with a human.  Maybe I just have something like the Forrest Gump of computers or something.  Seriously, I think I saw my computer arrive for work on the short bus this morning.  It was the one licking the window.

I will now use the Word of the Day from my desktop widget in a sentence.  I have an odium for my computer today.

I guess I'll attempt to publish this post.  That is, if my ignoramous computer will cooperate.  Thanks for listening to my rant.

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