Monday, March 2, 2009

$212 Million Dollar Economic Stimulus Lottery

I have come up with a fool-proof economic stimulus plan for my household.  All I have to do is win the MegaMillions lottery jackpot tomorrow.  The $212 million dollar jackpot is sure to relieve any economic stress that is currently coming down on us.

I don't see how this plan can fail.  It's so simple.  Step one:  buy a ticket.  Step two:  become a multi-millionaire.  The cash option, after taxes comes to $97.5 million.  Such a great return on investment for $1 cash and two simple steps.

Of course, how many people have dreamed of winning the big jackpot.  A lot of people.  But, how many of those people have ever actually bought a ticket.  A lot less!  And of those that bought a ticket, how many have actually won?  If you look at it that way, it would be easy to give up the dream.

It seems problematic to dream of winning if you don't buy a ticket, however.  I think that winning requires the purchase a ticket....that's part of the rules.  One guy that I know has found a loophole in the system, however.  He just dreams of one of his relatives winning and then giving him half the money.  How lazy are you if you can't even dream of winning yourself?!?

I have a pretty vivid imagination, and I like to dream big.  And occasionally I like to imagine all of the fun and exciting things that I could do with $100 million dollars.  Apartment in Manhattan,  house on the beach, private jet, travel the world with my family, and of course not having to work.  Sounds like a pretty good life.

And I am positive that I am smarter than all of those lottery winners who end up bankrupt within 5 years.  I just don't know how that is even possible.  If you have that much money, you can pay CASH for everything.  So you should have NO debt.  So with NO debt, and millions in assets (real estate, cars, etc), you should always be able to liquidate something even if the money runs out.  People are dumb!

I find life much easier to deal with if you quit expecting someone else to hand you your dreams.  There is no such thing as a "get rich quick" scheme.  No one is going to call you out of the blue and offer up your dream job.  No one is going to randomly select you to receive a million dollars.

Sure these things happen occasionally, and you do hear about them.  But the odds are stacked  astronomically against you.  It is easier to make your own luck.  Or just buckle down with a dogged determination to make your life better.  And be content with what you are able to accomplish.

Sure, dream big.  But live practically.  And perhaps with enough work and a bit of luck, the reality and the dream will become one.

Good luck to all of you dreamers.  Well, at least to the ones that actually buy a ticket.  I may have to get a couple myself.  After all, it is so simple to win!

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