Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pig-Headed, Close-Minded Morons

I am back at work today, feeling somewhat better, but being extremely annoyed by my co-workers.  Which is nothing new.  They are some of the most ridiculously close-minded people I have ever met.

I live in one of the most conservative areas in the country.  And I work at the most conservative company ever.  Even if I got a job working for the RNC, it would feel like working with a bunch of flaming liberals compared to this place.

So being conservative is fine.  I have no problem with that.  Being liberal is fine, too.  No problem with that either.  What drives me absolutely insane is people that absolutely refuse to acknowledge that anything the other side does might be OK.

I don't understand anyone that could go into a voting booth and just vote the party line - no matter what.  I'm kind of under the idea that you want to vote for the best person for the job.  Is that insane?  And yet people at my work have said, "I don't care who the Republicans put on the ticket, they are getting my vote."

This morning, one person here was bitching about how Obama travels places, and how much money that costs for the President to travel - with all of the planes and helicopters and all that it takes.  Now granted, it is very expensive for the President to go anyplace, but it's not like Obama invented Presidential travel!  Yet the disgust on this person's voice, how they couldn't believe that Obama would have the audacity to go anywhere, was purely amazing.

It also never ceases to amaze me how someone here can hear a rumor or someone's "opinion" on a radio show, and then begin to formulate a speculative back story from what they heard.  And then after repeating their complete speculation a few times to various people, they begin to forget that it is speculation and it begins to turn into fact.  So now they are telling everyone this "rumor" as if it is completely true.  It's awful!

As far as politics go, I would say that I am the truest definition of an independent or swing-voter.  I often say politics is like an airplane.  You need a left wing, and you need a right wing... but most importantly you need a smart, level-headed person in the middle to fly the thing.  If you've got somebody out on one of the wings trying to fly, you're going to have a big mess.

That's just my opinion.  For what it's worth.  Which isn't much.

In other news... as I said, I am feeling better today.  I went to bed very early and got much sleep.  I haven't thrown up today, but I haven't eaten anything either.  I'm a bit nervous to do that.  The good news is, however, that I lost 5.2 pounds yesterday!  How amazing is that?!  Perhaps I should just stay sick for a few more days.  Or become bulimic.

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  1. There's no point even talking to people like that. I've learned to just ignore them. Or make snide comments and laugh. That works too.