Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Artifacts of LIfe

Isn't it amazing how many hobbies and interests we go through in a lifetime. Especially if you are one of those people that have even a slightly addictive personality. Or if you are one of those people that just happen to really like to try new things, but refuse to do it half-assed. But, definitely, if you are both of those people!

If I see something that looks fun or cool, then I love to dive in and try it. And if I try something, I need to know everything about. I'll read every webpage, buy the magazines, get all the equipment, take the lessons, and then do the activity maybe once.

Here are some of my life artifacts you can find around our house from my many short-lived hobbies:

Skateboard Gear. While I was actually into skateboarding for an extended period of time in Junior High, a few years ago I decided to get back into it. I did this in one of those efforts to find an activity to do with my son when he was really getting into skateboarding. So I went out and got all the gear with pads, a helmet... the whole works. I looked good! We went to the skate park, and I rode around a bit. Did some ollies. And then....on my first drop in on the ramp, I bit it hard! My elbow got all swollen and bruised and nasty. And that was the last time I skateboarded.

Snowboard Gear. Again, in an effort to hang out with the son, I thought I would try out another extreme sport. I read everything I could find about how to board. I went and bought a nice new board, bindings, and boots. And I went one time. I'm pretty sure I broke my tailbone. In my defense, I probably would have kept at it, but due to an injury the week after I went, my son had to give up the sport too.

Golf Clubs. This is one that I phase in and out of. Every 5 years or so, I'll decide to play. So I buy the newest cool shoes and some snazzy golf clothes, and then I hit the links. I always suck, but it is always fun. The biggest problem that I have hear is having someone to go with. I don't have many friends, and there are not too many people that I care to spend that much time with! The son took golf lessons, but he did not have the patience for it, and doesn't care for it. So the clubs sit and collect dust.

Scuba Gear. I first tried scuba on a vacation a few years back and fell in love with it. I came back and took all of the certification classes. I took the son along to take all the classes with me. He loved it when we did the dives in the pool at the training facility, but once we went out into the open water (and had to wear the wetsuit, etc.) he wasn't such a fan. I think the wetsuit made him claustrophobic. So scuba has also fallen by the way side.

These are just a few things from the last few years. Imagine all of the things gone through in a lifetime. I could start my very own ebay type site - or stickmanslist, if you prefer.

So what are my current obsessions?

1. I'm always obsessed with Mrs. Stickman.

2. The only consistent love and hobby throughout my entire life has been movies. I'm what they like to call a "celebrity" at our local theatre. Oh yeah!

3. I have very much enjoyed poker since I started playing a few years back. Although, I'm not as obsessed with it as I was for a while.

There are also a couple of new things that I am beginning to build obsessions for.

My Excerise Ball. This thing is amazing. And so much fun. Instead of sitting on the couch to watch tv - now I can sit on my exercise ball. It is like a constant workout. I'm so going to be able to shave this beard soon! And I can't wait! But seriously the exercise ball is genius!

Kite Surfing. This is going to be my new hobby. Of course, I can't really do it much right now in the dead of winter. But this summer, watch out! And then once I know what I'm doing, I suppose next winter I could use it with my snowboard to do kiteboarding. See how perfect that is? I wonder if I could invent kitegolfing?

Flying. This is always on my list. I want to get my pilot's license. One day I will do it. Of course, once that hobby is over, I don't think a plane will fit in the attic!

Hobbies are good. They make life interesting. They keep you from being bored. And they expand your knowledge. I guess that's why I'm a know-it-all, cause I've had some many different hobbies.
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