Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Fever - I Need A Cure

I live in the frozen tundra of the Midwest, and we have been having a brutal winter.  We had ridiculous amounts of record setting snow this year.  And I'm not talking the record for least amount of snow.

The second week of February, Mrs. Stickman and I were able to get out of the winter for a while and head to the Caribbean.  It was so nice to have some decent weather.  But it made coming back really, really suck.  Especially since we came back to a snow storm and a car in the airport parking lot completely covered in ice and snow.

Last week, however, we finally caught a break.  We had three days in a row over 50!  People were busting out shorts, standing in their yards staring in amazement at the big round glowy thing in the sky, and coming up with any reason to go out.  Of course, in a stupid place like this, everyone's idea of getting out of the house is to go to the mall.  How retarded is that?  It's so nice outside....let's go inside someplace else!

Despite a gloomy, rainy weekend (I'll take rain over snow anytime), we are having another lovely day.  As I sit in my office (ok, it's a cubicle...but it has one whole wall of windows) and stare out at the beautiful blue sky with the sun shining, it really makes me not want to be here.  I want to be out there.  If it were only 20 degrees warmer, and everything was green instead of brown and dead, then I wouldn't spend every day wishing I lived someplace different!

This weather is at least giving me hope.  And it's helping me hold out for the few more weeks until Spring Break when we can take the kids and go someplace warm.  Even though I'm sure that we will come back to another snow storm, these little escapes make it tolerable. 

Soon it will be summer, and we can spend all day every day out by the pool.  Once the weather breaks, we live outside.  If we aren't at work or in bed, we are out on the deck or in the pool.  All else is forgotten.  That's what life is all about!

Until then, I'll keep hope alive.  Keep depression at bay...because depression hurts...everywhere!

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