Monday, March 23, 2009

Stickman Family Dictionary

Over the years, our family has developed it's own language. Well, at least its own set of words and phrases that fit loosely within the confounds of the English language. I thought today I would post an abbreviated dictionary of some of these phrases.

AFB. I will love you always and forever, baby.

Anut. Your parents female sibling.

Birmingham. To remember a memory.

Bumbrella. Something that keeps the homeless from getting wet. (See also A Piece of Cardboard)

Deona. The owner of something.

Group Sex. Fruit snacks.

Huh. I have no comeback. (See also Your Mom)

Identidiff. Same difference

I'm Just Saying. 1. I know I'm wrong, and I don't care. 2. My point has been proven.

Just Kidding. I was wrong.

Lyrics. A group of randomly made up words set to any music playing.

Meamie. Some one who is not nice, and also, may be hard of hearing.

Opidiff. Not the same. (see also Diffdiff)

Padiddle. A car with one headlight out. (see also Half Padiddle, Quadiddle, and Octididdle)

Pony. Cool.

Souvie. An item purchased on Vacay Breaky Break.

Storybook. A steering wheel.

Sweatness. That is cool.

Underwater Bridge. A tunnel.

Vacay Breaky Break. To lay on the beach for a minimum of one week.

These are just the ones that I can even think of at the moment. I have a feeling there may be a Stickman Family Dictionary: Part II post coming soon. I know there are more, but my old brain is farting big time!

I love words. And I love word play. So I am always making up words or using double meanings to liven up conversation. Although, as I've posted here before, my conversation isn't too lively. But I sure do love to hear myself talk!

Leave a comment with your personal dictionary entries! Stickman out!

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