Monday, March 30, 2009

Humor Blogs Here I Come - Or Am, Actually

I am so proud to announce that my blog is now officially a member of Humor Blogs.  Thank you to Diesel for all of his great help.  I, being the inconvenient person that I am, decided to join on the exact day that the site goes though a major reconstruction.  So, of course, I bugged the crap out of Diesel with questions.  Good thing he's a good guy.

I have been in this blogging world for a bit over a month now, and am having a good time carving out my little niche on this world wide web, information superhighway thing.  One of the first places that I found on the web to use as a resource for finding other great blogs to read was Humor Blogs.  Now I get to be someone that others find.  How cool is that, really?

Next phase in my plan to take over the blogosphere is mass smiley domination!  Wow, that doesn't really sound menacing at all now, does it?  Even if I inserted an evil laugh, it would just be kinda doofy.

In other news, this has been quite a day for meetings.  I got invited to lunch with some of the big dogs at work, so I figured I was either getting a promotion or getting fired.  Turns out that I was just getting a free lunch and some rather boring conversation.  So I guess the lunch wasn't really free... I paid for it with my tolerance.

I have such a high tolerance level.  Or, at least, I am great at projecting a high tolerance level, even though on the inside I am dying.  I did have some great internal jokes that I had a great chuckle about on the inside.  Thank goodness I can amuse myself.

On the other hand, I did wow them and dazzle them with my incredible genius.  I was spitting marketing ideas out faster than Eminem can spit rhymes.  It was like 8 Mile goes corporate!

I'm pretty w0rn out from 8 hours of meetings today.  So I'm gonna leave it at that.

I look forward to becoming more familiar with my fellow Humor Bloggers.  Thanks for the welcome into your community!  Stickman Out!

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