Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Extra Cheese Please

I love cheese.  You can put cheese on anything that I eat, and you can never put enough.  When we go out to eat and they ask if I would like fresh grated cheese on my food, Mrs. Stickman always has to warn the server that they could be there for a while, and that they might need to go and get MORE cheese.  That's right, the mockery goes public... it's not merely confined to the privacy of our house.

But even more than the curdled milk kind of cheese, I like the proverbial cheese.  I am known around the house as a bit of a cheeseball.  I can always come up with some kind of cheesy line to deliver.

An example... Yesterday, one of the entries in the family dictionary was AFB, which means "always and forever, baby."  The backstory is as follows:  We were sitting on the beach in Florida.  There was a military base nearby that was having an air show.  A plane was doing skywriting and wrote AFB up in the air.  Mrs. Stickman sees it and points it out.  I say, "I know.  I hired them to do that just for you.  It stands for always and forever, baby"

Here's one from last night.  Mrs. Stickman is working on a puzzle. (The woman LOVES puzzles)  I come in from work, and I go in and lean over her table to say hello to her, and to tell her how much I love her and how much I missed her so badly while I was at work.  She looks up at me, and so lovingly says, "You're in my light."  I look back at her and say, "You ARE my light."

And again last night.  Mrs. Stickman makes a comment about my post from a few days ago about having no friends.  She says to me, "Do you think you'd like me as much if you had other friends?"  I say, "Of course.  You are my best friend, and besides,  you do such a good job I don't need any other friends."  Good cheese, right?  But then she says, "As long as you recognize its a job."  Wow!

I think sometimes I lay the cheesy comments on so thick that she doesn't think I mean them.  That I'm just trying to be funny.  While I know that I am frickin' hilarious, I don't just say these things to be funny.  I do, of course, mean them 110%.  I am so unbelievably in love with this woman, and I think she is so perfect.  I kinda can't help but be cheesy - and it can be fun.

For instance, a couple nights ago we were laying in bed watching TV.  I just turn to her and say, "You are the wind beneath my wings."  She looks back at me and laughs.  It is such a win-win.  Or as Michael from "The Office" would say, a win-win-win.  Win #1:  I get to tell her how I feel about her.  Win #2:  I get to make her laugh - one of my favorite things in the world.  Win #3:  She gets to mock me - her absolute favorite thing in the world.

I highly recommend pouring on the cheese.  You won't regret it!  Stickman out!

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  1. Cheese does make everything taste better. Probably even poo.

    I am glad you like my word...it is one of many I have in the Urban dictionary. Here it is:


    You can thumb it up for me!! LOL!