Friday, March 6, 2009

Reality Show Overproduction

There are so many reality shows that start on television, and in the first season they are wonderful.  You really get a raw sense of the reality that is going on, whether it is a competition or a social experiment.  But then - once they get an ounce of success - the next season is this big entirely over-produced monstrosity, barely resembling the original.  And with a product placement every where you look.

There can be no better example of this than The Real World.  The first season (or two) of the show were legitimately real.  They got different types of people with JOBS and outside lives to live together in a house - and they filmed what happens.  A few years later, they are getting groups of kids who were kinda real to live in outrageously unreal houses that they could never afford, and do give them made-up jobs that they could never get.  There is nothing real about it!

Who doesn't remember the first season with Eric and Kevin fighting over race around the pool table?  And no one will ever forget Puck in season two.  No one could shoot a snot rocket like that guy!  And, my god, he ate someone else's peanut butter!  Now THAT'S reality!

Now I look at American Idol this year.  They are entirely over-producing this year.  No way, no how does Tatiana make it for a chance at a wild card slot in reality.  Only in the mind of a producer looking to generate some drama for ratings does her face ever show up on that show again.  And Danny Gokey, while I really like this guy, could the show possibly announce who they would like to win any more than this?  

I think next year Idol shouldn't show us the preliminary rounds.  Start with 36 and let America vote based on what they see and hear in the performances, not what the producers force feed us for 4 weeks ahead of time.  And then as it progresses they can show us some of the back stories.  That way the drama wouldn't affect us choosing the best performer, instead of the best storyline.   I say us, as if I have ever voted!

Anyways, I'm moderately happy with the top 12 on the show this year.  (Make that 13...Anoop?  Really?  OK, whatever.)  It should be interesting from this point on.  I'll tell you my choice from the second he appeared on screen in early auditions was Adam Lambert.  And I think he's got a shot.  Mrs. Stickman is rooting for Matt Giraud.  He's pretty good too, and I think once instruments come into play he will get better.

I just look forward to not having to flip off the television every time Tatiana comes on the screen anymore.  Talk about people trying to hard.  Last night she adopts an accent to try to play up on the Jorge thing, she resurrects "the laugh" and feels the need to point it out, she does the overly emotional thing....she was doing EVERYTHING that she thought is what got her this far.  Including singing the same song for the THIRD time.  Hate isn't a strong enough word here.

The one great thing about Idol though, is that it overcomes generational boundries.  I don't think there is another show on television that entire families can watch together and enjoy it.  I guess that is why they get so many viewers every week.

OK...that's enough.  Stickman out!

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  1. I agree about Tatiana. She's there purely for drama. She's Britney-Spears-insane already; imagine if she actually became famous.

  2. Too true, Diesel. That would be one messed up girl.