Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Marketing Slogans For Individuals

I work in advertising and marketing, so I am always challenged to come up with slogans for marketing and advertisements.  It is one of my favorite parts of my job, using creativity and wordplay.  It's also one of my favorite things to do in my personal life to.  I like words.

Recently, I've been thinking how funny it would be if we used slogans for ourselves, much like companies and products use them.  So if you're looking for work, you have a slogan on your resume.  Or if you are looking for a date, you could use a slogan to market yourselves.  It could be a really great way to sell people on yourself.

Obviously, politicians have caught on to this.  They have learned to brand themselves very well.  Maybe some day they will all learn to live up to their brands.

I was thinking about some different people, and what their slogans could be.  For example, Mrs. Stickman could use the old Gillette slogan, "the best a man can get."  However, I wouldn't want her using that one on her resume or anything... potential employers might have thoughts that would make me have to kill them. 

Here are some others that I came up with using well known taglines:

Bill Clinton:  Takes a licking and keeps on (poli)ticking.

RuPaul:  Where's the beef?

Octomom:  Got milk?

Rosie O'Donnell:  It keeps going, and going, and going.

Michael Jordan:  Fly the friendly skies.

Mel Gibson:  Friends don't let friends drive drunk.

Britney Spears:  I've fallen and I can't get up.

Dwayne Johnson:  Get a piece of the rock.

Michael Jackson:  Reach out and touch someone.

Michael Jackson:  For those who think young.

Joaquin Phoenix:  The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

There are so many combinations that could be funny.  Because there are so many funny people out there.

I think if I had to use one of those slogans for myself, it would be "the relentless pursuit of perfection."  I am such a perfectionist.  If I wrote my own though, it would be something like "Tall, Dork, and Then Some."

What would your slogan be?  Leave a comment and let me know.  Make up your own, or use one that's already out there.  Explain if necessary.  Or, leave a celebrity one like the ones above.

Stickman out!

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  1. Those were all funny! You should be in advertising or somethin'. Oh, right.