Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feeling Lightheaded

After one month of not shaving, I finally could not take it anymore!  Last night I had to take the razor and shave off the tangled bird's nest of a beard that had overtaken my face.  I thought I was going to need a weed whacker to get it all off. 

Once it was off, I was so overcome with joy that I decided to keep going and I buzzed all the hair off my head too.  So I instantly went from looking like a walking, talking Chia pet to looking like a NeoNazi.  

It is taking some getting used to.  I keep looking in the mirror and thinking, who's that dork?  Of course, that's nothing new.  I always think that when I look in the mirror.

My head just feels so light though.  And it feels like my hair is all poofy without product in it, even though there is hardly any hair there.  I'm sure that's what it feels like for people who lose a limb or something.  Not that I am comparing buzzing my hair to losing a limb.  My apologies to Bob, Art, and Mat.

So I have shaved, but I still haven't lost the 10 pounds.  Even with all my treadmill, weight machine, exercise ball, and general fidgeting regiments, I have still not made it there.  I swear the last time I did this, I lost 10 pounds in one hour, but this time it's been like 10 days and I haven't even lost 5 pounds.

I think I'm just getting to old.  I'm destined to be an old bald guy with a big gut and moobs.  My destiny can suck it....because I refuse to be that guy.  Two out of three I could take.  Bald with a gut...sign me up.  Moobs and a gut....sounds fun.  But all three?!  No way!

At least I'm so tall that you can only see the bald spot on the back of my head when I sit down.  So I try to avoid sitting at all costs.  I may have to start wearing a hat full time like Ron Howard and Bruce Willis.

Those are the random thoughts from a Stickman's head today.  Sorry it's so dull.   I'll try to be more inspired tomorrow!

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