Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Pity The April Fools

I am channeling the great character actor Mr. T today.  I genuinely feel pity for people who believe anything that anyone says today.  April Fools!  I don't feel sorry for those gullible morons in the least bit!

Everyone can fall prey to these little jokes, however.  This morning, we were discussing how on April Fools days of yore, the kids would to tell Mrs. Stickman that Grandma was at the door.  And she would go to the door, and surprise surprise no Grandma - and they would laugh and laugh.  

Luckily, she never fell for it when they would tell her there was an elephant in the driveway.  Apparently she does have a limit to her gullibility.

This morning, I decided to stop at the grocery store and pick up a couple of empty doughnut boxes.  I brought them in and set them on the counter where we typically put our "special treats."  All morning people have stopped to open the box.  I have heard "who ate all the doughnuts already", "why are there empty doughnut boxes here", and a few intelligent people that actually said, "is this a joke?"

I am now debating going out at lunch time and getting some empty pizza boxes to bring in and put in the break room.  See if they are all dumb enough to fall for it twice!  Hehe!

I have yet to come up with a good one to get the kids, but before I get home tonight I will definitely think of something.  They fall for anything!  

Last year when we were on vacation on the East Coast, I had the girl child convinced that there was a 27 minute time change between home and our house!  She totally believed it.  I don't know what they teach these kids in school these days, but obviously not Time Zones!

Perhaps I'll tell them that something came up and we have to cancel our Spring Break vacation that we are leaving for in 2 days.  That should really bum them out.  They are dying to get away from the cold weather.  I can probably get them for at least 5 minutes before one of them thinks of April Fools.

I tell them so much crap that they have an ingrained filter to not believe what I tell them.  Yet, my delivery is so good, and I look so serious, that they always end up falling for it.  

Unless, of course, it is something so outlandish that they know it isn't true.  Like when I told the boy that I was an original member of The Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I went by the name of Tick, so when I quit they replaced me with a guy named Flea.  He wasn't buying that one.

I hope all of you aren't being suckers today.  So far I haven't been fooled, but I'm sure as Mrs. Stickman is reading this she will try to come up with something.  But I'm no fool.  I pity the fools!

Stickman out!

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