Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Coulda Stayed Up North For This Crap

Vacation Blog: Day 4. File this under the "weather sucks" category. Here we sit in beautiful, sunny Florida. A high today of 59. Winds of 25mph. But...at least the sun IS out.

Sitting inside looking out the windows at the beach, it looks beautiful. Open the slider and step out on the balcony, completely different story. It is freezing!

We have been inside all day playing video games and reading books. I could have stayed home for this crap. Our big plan for the day is to go see a movie. On vacation!

Last night we walked down to this new outdoor mall they have here. We had some dinner at a Honkey Tonk Bar. Not the place to go for pleasant conversation. A live band was playing way too loud for my taste. You had to yell at the top of your lungs for the waitress to hear your order. They could have dropped the decibel level about 15 points, and then it would have been on the edge of tolerable. Oh my, I really sound like an old fart, don't I? That's not cool.

We wondered the mall as girl child was searching for a new bathing suit. Women bathing suit shopping has got to be one of the worst experiences in history. We go in this one shop that brags it has 40,000 bathing suits, or something like that. That is way too many choices. We were in there forever. We finally leave, and she didn't find anything. We spent half of our vacation in that store, with 40,000 bathing suits, and she didn't find ANYTHING?!? I told her that I found 5 bathing suits that I could have bought without trying on in the first 60 seconds in the door. "It's different for girls," she says. "I know... it's a lot easier because of all the choices. You should have found 20 bathing suits in the first 60 seconds." Then I get "the look."

I'm still on her shit list from another comment last night. We were in a store that sells a bunch of the t-shirts with sayings on them. There was one that said, "If you think I'm a BITCH, you should meet my daughter." I told boy child that I was going to get that for his mom. Of course, he has a big mouth, he goes and tells the girls. Oh boy, girl child wasn't pleased. This morning she tells me she is still mad at me about it. So I told her the fact that she is STILL mad about, only proves my point! Right?

Looks like the weather is supposed to me much better the rest of the week. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy some calm, warm, relaxing days on the beach. God I hope so. Until then, we'll just keep the snowsuits on and try to stay warm!

Stickman out!
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  1. 59?? Stop being a pansy and get yo’ butt out there! I’m walking around in a skirt and open toe shoes here and it’s only about 49 here in Chi-town. Men!

    I wear my “” Bitch “” badge with honor. ;o)

  2. 59 is colder in FL than it is up north. I swear it's true!