Saturday, April 25, 2009

This Blog Was Written By Professionals - Do Not Attempt This At Home

I just saw a commercial for T-Mobile, where some lady drives out into the desert and cuts down a telephone pole, and then somehow by cutting down this one pole she starts some sort of miraculous chain reaction where all of the telephone poles on the road start falling down.

First of all, this is just dumb and ridiculous in itself. However, this isn't the dumbest thing about the commercial. The dumbest thing is that it has fine print across the bottom of the screen that says "We do not encourage vandalism. Please do not attempt."

Really?!? Who are these idiots that are sitting at home and thinking, "you know what... I'm gonna go out and try that" and then sure enough, getting off of their couch, leaving the trailer, and going out and cutting down a telephone pole? Seriously. Do these people exist?

But that's not all. Once they go out and do this, and then perhaps get arrested for it. They take it one step farther and actually sue T-Mobile for giving them the idea. Sure I may be stupid, and sure I may do dumb and/or illegal things, but if it wasn't for that damn T-Mobile I would still be sitting on the couch in the trailer drinking some Shlitz's Malt Liquor and watching my family on Cops.

I swear our society is out of control. Nobody can take responsibility for their own actions anymore. There's always somebody else to blame. Therefore, we get all the fine print on ads and are told "not to attempt" anything at home.

That's my two cents for the day. Stickman out!
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  1. Remember that movie where the football team lies down on the yellow line in the middle of the road to prove how brave they are or something? And then they had to edit out that scene because some kids really tried it -- and got killed.

    Yes, people are that stupid.

  2. I'm always amazed at the warning labels on things. My shampoo bottle says not to be ingested internally. Duh, right? But you just know some idiot drank it and now they HAVE to put that on there.