Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Whole Universe May Just Be One Cell In A Booger Up The Nose Of Some Larger Universe's Paula Abdul

Have you ever thought about how the world as we know it, may just be the puss in a pimple on some hairy dude's ass in the great scale of thing.  Sometimes when I see a movie like Horton Hears a Who, or read books like Stephen King's Dark Tower Series, it really gets me pondering this great big world of ours - and the potentially bigger one around it.

As science progresses and they are able to break things down smaller and smaller, and we discover that the world is made up of those Russian dolls that you open up and there's the exact same doll in there, only smaller.  And then you open that one, and sure enough, there's the same damn doll again, only smaller yet.  And on and on.

You can't help but to start thinking that our whole universe may all be part of one big cell that's part of something really, really big.  I'm an electron.  You're a neutron.  Which would be really cool if your name was Jimmy, cause then you could have your very own TV show for all the little electrons and neutrons to watch  - not to mention your very own 4D ride at Universal Studios - although it would be hard to walk good with a head that big.

If you really try to wrap your mind around this, it can be rather mind blowing.  It can also make you feel quite meaningless and lead to severe depression and suicidal behavior - but that's if you are already incredibly insecure and/or a crazy person.

So if our whole universe is just a little cell in a much bigger universe, I hope that we are at least a cell on something cool.  It would suck if we were part of a dog turd, or a homeless person's toe cheese, or part of a stray hair in someone's Mac & Cheese.  

It would be cool to be plaque on a movie star's teeth, or gunk under the President's fingernail, or part of some kind of biological weapon that could take over that larger world, making us the supreme beings!  Now we're talking.

There's got to be some kind of time difference too, right?  Time must go faster in our much smaller world, just like it does for smaller things - like bugs - in our world.  It's just all so much to wrap your head around.  I have to stop before I go insane.

See you around the cell.  Stickman out!

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