Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Love TV, But Man Does It Suck Sometimes

We are having a wonderful rainy day, so we are sitting inside trying to stay entertained. It's not working!

We have 400 channels on cable, plus On Demand content, plus DVR, plus about 500 DVD's downstairs, yet I can not find one single solitary thing to watch! I am more frustrated that Susan Boyle trying to get kissed. It's just ridiculous.

So I have ended up spending the whole day playing online poker, while I watch poker on TV. It's kind of a theme day I guess.

I've come up with this wonderful plan where the cable networks will let you buy channels a la carte. So instead of having 400 channels - 380 of which I never watch - I could just pick the 20 or 30 channels that I actually watch and pay for them.

The price per channel would be based on it's popularity. So maybe my cable bill is $30 instead of $100, and I have the added bonus of not having to look through so many stupid channels that distract me!

Cable companies are a big racket. They are evil. They may be the antichrist, although I don't know that a whole company can be the antichrist. I think that is just one person. But if it could be a whole company, then it would be a cable company. And it could use the cable to brainwash us. And the mark of the best would be the little red spot on my thumb from pushing the channel button so much.

If you work for the cable company, then I'm sorry I said these bad things about you, but I'm really not so F you!

Stickman out!
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