Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weather Sucks - But I'm Still Hilarious

This will be a short post, so that I do not become a "vacation ruiner." Not that we can really be out at the beach today because it is extremely overcast with scattered thunderstorms eminent.

We had a good time last night, although we had some pretty loud spring breakers around. And not all of them are kids. We got in the hot tub last night, and we were the only people in there. We timed it by watching from our balcony for it to clear out, and then running down the stairs to hurry up and claim it. But as soon as we got there, these really loud, annoying redneck types came and crashed on us. Figures.

I have been very funny on this trip - as always. Here is a list of some of the funny things I have said since we got here:

1. Boy child was commenting on how hairy his toes are getting. I said, "Yeah. It's like you are wearing a toepee." Instead of toupee. God that's funny.

2. We were taking a walk down the beach along the edge of the water. I picked up a broken shell, held it to my ear, and said, "Wow. I can hear the ocean."

3. I made up a great joke. I said to Mrs. S, "Do you like pee-n-ya-coladas?" She said yes. I laughed. She said what. I said, "You like pee in your coladas. That's gross." She said "that's dumb." I said, "huh!" So then she has me do the joke on boy child. He also thought it was dumb. So I told them that dumb jokes are my specialty. It's what I'm famous for. So Mrs. S calls everyone together for a family meeting to decide on a new specialty for me. The group consensus came in that I should be a mime. I informed them that they were mean, and that I am rather proud of being the funniest person on the planet and that they can't change me.

4. When we woke up this morning someone had written the word "PENIS" on the beach in big letters. Mrs. S pointed it out to me. I said, "I know. I wrote that down there for you. It stands for Pretty, Exciting, Nice, Intelligent, and Sexy." Great cheese, right? She says, "Actually, I wrote that for you. It means Particular, Egostical, Nerdy, Insecure, and Stupid." I guess I deserved that one.

Get you more tommorrow. Stickman Out!
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