Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break For Dummies

It appears that most of the high school kids here in Florida for Spring Break with their parents have all read the book Spring Break For Dummies. Think of any cliche thing that would be done on Spring Break, and I guarantee you these kids have it on a list and they are checking them off as they go along.

1. Yell obscenities at the opposite sex. Check.

2. Drive down street with windows down and yell useless things like "Spring Break 2009" at the top of your lungs to every person you pass. Check.

3. Pointless use of profanity. Check.

4. Loud music. Check.

I have to expand on that one. We were watching this kid on a balcony kind of across from ours. He was all alone. He had his laptop sitting on the balcony floor. He had some crappy sounding little speaker plugged into the laptop playing music, but not very loudly. He was trying to get the attention of some people down by the pool area with his music by a miserable attempt at dancing. That's not working so he gets the idea to pick the speaker up over his head and dance. But when he picks the speaker up it comes unplugged from the laptop. So he puts it down and rehooks it up. Then he tries to put it above his head again, and it comes unplugged AGAIN. He repeated this process about four times before he gave up and went inside. We laughed at that poor kid so hard.

5. Complete disregard for authority figures. Check.

6. Strut. Check.

7. Inappropriately skimpy bathing suit. Check.

It's like all of these kids got ahold of an old MTV Spring Break video from the early 90's and have patterned their week after it. Problem is that there is no MTV here, and they are all just high school, or even junior high, punks. Not college co-eds with alcohol.

We had great weather again today. Have spent a lot of time in the sun. And heading back out now. We're nearing the end of the week, and thoughts of going back to work are starting to creep in. Damn!

Stickman out!
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