Friday, April 17, 2009

Freaky Friday! - Because It's Better Than Flatulence Friday

In an effort to join the blogging world's love of using alliteration with the day of the week, I have proclaimed today's musing "Freaky Friday!"  Not only is it the second F word (OK...third) that I came up with (one wasn't appropriate, the other was just gross), but it is also very fitting to the day.

First, it is freakishly warm out.  Second, I am indeed a freak.  Third, a Freaky Friday type movie is opening up in theaters around the nation today.  All of us tweens are very excited about it because it stars High School Musical alum Zac Efron.  {pause for little girls to scream}  For more about my excitement, refer to my Embarrassing Kids post.

OK.  I know that all three of those reasons are completely lame.  So please refrain from posting hateful comments.  Because I am going to make up for it now.  Below, I present to you my Freaky Friday Freaks!

Classic Freak Show Category
A man with a leg growing out his ass.

Freaky Piercing Category
Man who will never make it past a metal detector.

Ate Too Freaking Much Category
Man who ate waaaaayy too much.

Freakiest Way To Perform A Simple Task
Woman who should never be invited for coffee.

Modern Freak Category
Man with no nose.  Or man who's had too many different noses.

I hope you aren't too freaked out.  And I hope that nobody lost their lunch.  I know these images are quite disturbing.  I feel a bit queasy as I'm typing this!

I hope everybody has a freaking awesome Friday!  Stickman out!

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  1. Um......I thought I had a strong stomach but that fat guy? EEEEEWWWW! I can't believe someone would actually want to be photographed looking like that.

  2. I really want a cup of coffee right now for some reason.

  3. RG... no kidding! Pretty nasty!

    Shawn... easy big fella.